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Price list for commercial use of HPC Vega resources

Companies and organizations with economic as well as non-economic activity are entitled to the commercial use of HPC Vega supercomputer resources, but not more than 20% of the available capacities of the Slovenian share of HPC Vega. The following table presents the price list for commercial use of HPC Vega:

Rate Price with VAT Price without VAT
Administration, preparation of the working environment, one hour of assistance from development engineer, use of the capacity of the login node 1000 EUR per project annual flat rate, other work according to the price list 819,67 €
Default is 100 GB on LCST system and 20GB on HPST system up to three users on one project Free, all downstream users according to the price list 0
CPU partition 1,00 EUR/node hour 0,82 €
LM partition 1,50 EUR/node hour 1,23 €
GPU partition 5,00 EUR/node hour 4,10 €
LCST system, additionally allocated 100 GB (at least 10 GB) 0,5 EUR per month for 100 GB 0,41 €
HPST system, additionally allocated 100 GB (at least 10 GB) 10 EUR per month for 100 GB 8,20 €
Additional user of the system 5 EUR/month 4,10 €
Work of a development engineer, technical assistance 75 EUR/hour 61,48 €

Customers are not charged for consuming an entire node if they only need a few cores on that node. The unit for charging cores consumption is the core-clock, as the load management program records the consumption in this unit regardless of which node within one computational partition, the computational transaction was performed on. The final number of core-hours is then devided by 128 cores, thus obtaining the number of node-hours. Users are provided with dual-thread mode functionality, where one core can execute two threads, which means that 256 threads are in use on one node. In charging, individual threads are not taken into account, the entire core is leased.

Computational resources for larger calculations can be allocated as a matter of priority, which means that you have to wait each time until the resource management program obtains as many resources as are needed for each computational operation. In the case of exclusive reservation of resources on computational partitions, the use of all resources in the reservation period for the estimated volume of reserved resources is taken into account, even if not as many resources may be used during this period, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

IZUM undertakes to respect the principle of non-disclosure of commercial customers' data. This respect is expected to be mutual. Customers should also make sure to back up their data regularly.

Potential customers can describe their wishes or requirements via this form or they can also contact customer support via e-mail