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File management

Transferring files

From Windows computer to Vega/from Vega to Windows computer

To transfer files from/to a Windows machine, it has to have an SFTP/SCP client software installed, such as specified at the link. After downloading a client application, it will require a connection to the Vega Cluster using one of the login nodes link. Once logged in, you can use the file transfer window within the program to drag and drop files between local computer and the remote Vega Cluster.

From Linux/Mac computer to Vega/from Vega to Linux/Mac computer

To transfer files to and from a cluster on a Linux/Mac machine, the terminal application is used link. Commands secure copy (scp) or secure file transfer protocol (sftp) are used for transferring files.

scp [OPTION] []file1 [user@DEST_HOST:]file2
  • OPTION - scp options such as cipher, ssh configuration, ssh port, limit, recursive copy, etc.
  • []file1 - Source file.
  • [user@DEST_HOST:]file2 - Destination file

More information for SCP Command link.

More information for SFTP Command link.